Krait Alter Skill Challenge IN guildwars2

Defeat the Knight of Sorrows and Her Attendants (Combat) This one is close to the level 50 dungeon in the zone. You’ll want to activate the skill point beside the tree called “Powerful Darkness” and get ready to face a Veteran Knight of Sorrows and two Attendants of Sorrows. She is level 14, so be […]


Virtue is the unique profession mechanic

There will rarely be a time to use this virtue whenever you’re not in a group, unless you’re about to be downed (the 5 seconds of burning can be help finish an enemy off). In a group (or with lots of allies nearby), activating this virtue will grant a massive spike in damage, worth well […]

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players begin to accumulate skill points

The seventh skill challenge found in the Wayfarer Foothills is located at Svanir’s Dome. This is a pretty tough skill challenge. First the skill challenge is located in an area swarming with the Sons of Svanir. Once you’ve reached the skill challenge location, you’ll interact with Bjord’s Banner, which will start a brutal fight. To […]

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Picking up the diving goggles puts you in a swimsuit

My final reason for enjoying the bundle system is that it’s fun. The circus example above illustrates this point. Another example that I stumbled across was a pair of swimming goggles. I had worked my way up to the top of a mountain in Kessex Hills that overlooked the sea. Laying on the ground at […]


Guild Wars 2 introduces a lot of new mechanics

I love the bundle system in Guild Wars 2 for several reasons. The first reason that it allows you to interact with the environment. While such interaction isn’t earth-shattering, it adds another dimension to the gameplay. The second reason is that allows you to have more options available for doing various event tasks. Instead of […]


The trainer for your profession

Once you’ve located the trainer for your profession, interact with them by pressing the default [F] key, and they will give you the option to purchase one of their Trait Manuals. To unlock the first tier of traits you will need to purchase the Adept’s Training Manual. This will allow you to spend up to […]


Traits is a way you continue improving your character

Initially you will only have access to the Adept trait tier. As you continue leveling, you will gain access to two additional tiers; Master and Grandmaster. The levels at which these unlock are: Adept – level 11 Master – level 40 Grandmaster – level 60 Each tier unlock allows you to spend 10 additional points […]


Virtue is the unique profession mechanic IN GW2

Virtue of Resolve Virtue of Resolve passively grants regeneration, not the boon but just healing over time. The technical term is “rejuvenation.” It is affected by healing power and scales with your level. The skill can be activated to heal yourself and nearby allies with a sixty second cooldown. This one is a bit easier […]

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Guardian Themes and Combat Roles

Let’s think of this in more practical terms, a guardian can rush into battle with a mace and shield, attack their enemies with their auto-attack, which is a three part chain, but can also throw a symbol on the ground that grants regeneration, and shield themselves and allies from attacks. This is their defensive build, […]


Engineers are limited to three types of weapon

The Engineer can make use of both direct and condition damage in order to defeat their foes, while the profession can be broken down into three key areas: weapons/kits, elixirs and turrets. Engineers are limited to three types of weapon: pistols (both main and offhand), rifle and shield and cannot have a second weapon set […]