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Guild Wars 2 introduces a lot of new mechanics

I love the bundle system in Guild Wars 2 for several reasons. The first reason that it allows you to interact with the environment. While such interaction isn’t earth-shattering, it adds another dimension to the gameplay. The second reason is that allows you to have more options available for doing various event tasks. Instead of the normal “go kill 10 boars” option in most MMOs, you now have more choices in completing Renown Hearts or dynamic events in that you can kill creatures, but you can also tend crops or feed cattle. One Renown Heart had me practicing with the local militia of the Township of Claypool by using various weapons and shields. The more choices you have for completing tasks, the better.

The bundle system also leverages the ability to change your active weapon skills on the fly to add interesting new elements to combat, or even solve various puzzles and disarm traps while exploring one of the game’s many dungeons. A great example here would be in the Ascalonian Catacombs where picking up boulders not only allowed our group utilize pressure pads to progress further into the dungeon, but later on they proved to be a vital part of defeating a particularly difficult pair of bosses.

My final reason for enjoying the bundle system is that it’s fun. The circus example above illustrates this point. Another example that I stumbled across was a pair of swimming goggles. I had worked my way up to the top of a mountain in Kessex Hills that overlooked the sea. Laying on the ground at the edge of the cliff was a pair of diving goggles. When I put them on, my character’s appearance changed to where she was wearing a swimsuit. I decided to dive off the cliff to see what would happen. As I cliff-dived towards the ocean, two options became available: spin and flip. Did this alter the game in a significant way? No, but it was a heck of a lot of fun to do. Another fun bundle item was a bomb that you can pick up and once you use it, it’ll explode in 10 seconds. Who doesn’t love walking around with a giant keg bomb?

guild wars 2 bundle system guide

Guild Wars 2 introduces a lot of new mechanics to online gamers, ranging from changes to normal auction house transactions to the Thief’s ability to steal useful items. One of the most intriguing new systems is the bundle system. What’s the bundle system, you ask? Well, it has nothing to do with raising political campaign donations. A bundle is an item that you can pick up or is given to you by an NPC that will replace the normal skills of your character.

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