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Krait Alter Skill Challenge IN guildwars2

Defeat the Knight of Sorrows and Her Attendants (Combat)

This one is close to the level 50 dungeon in the zone. You’ll want to activate the skill point beside the tree called “Powerful Darkness” and get ready to face a Veteran Knight of Sorrows and two Attendants of Sorrows. She is level 14, so be ready for a rather difficult fight. There is a lot of enemies nearby too who hit hard, even at level 50 I had a bit of difficulty with this one.

Krait Alter Skill Challenge (Commune)

Time to go for a swim! This one is underwater and rather simple. Go to the skill point and swim down, under the krait slavers village and continue going all the way down, until you reach the floor. It’ll be right there ready for you to commune with it. The next one is easy to get to from here, just go to the surface and swim south.

GW2 Death Shroud Guide

Death Shroud is the unique profession mechanic for the necromancer, and can be thought of in a couple of different ways. First, it will temporarily provide you with 4 unique skills, so you could think of death shroud as an extension of your normal hotbar skills while in combat. Death shroud also increases the necro’s survivability while active since incoming damage will deplete your available Life Force instead of your health.

Provided you’ve built up sufficient life force, you can enter death shroud at any time by pressing the [F1] key. Upon doing so, a new bar containing four skills will appear on-screen, though your weapon, healing, utility, and elite skills will be disabled for as long as death shroud is active. To exit death shroud you can either hit the [F1] key again, or it will also end once your available life force has been depleted.

Life Force Tip

Above: The in-game help text for necromancers on using Death Shroud.

It should be noted that your death shroud skills must be unlocked through active use in combat the same way your weapon skills are. This process must be done twice since you will have a different set of death shroud skills while underwater, so those can only be unlocked via engaging in underwater combat.

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