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players begin to accumulate skill points

The seventh skill challenge found in the Wayfarer Foothills is located at Svanir’s Dome. This is a pretty tough skill challenge. First the skill challenge is located in an area swarming with the Sons of Svanir. Once you’ve reached the skill challenge location, you’ll interact with Bjord’s Banner, which will start a brutal fight. To win the skill point, you’ll have to defeat Bjord Frossenson and his two minions. The two minions are easy, but Bjord is a tough cookie. Make sure you’re fully prepped before you start the fight. While Bjord doesn’t do anything special, he does hit hard and has a lot of hits. If need be, slow him down and kite him around to give your healing ability time to cooldown.

Skill Challenge #8 – Warmspring Grotto

The last skill challenge in the Wayfarer Foothills is found at the Warmspring Grotto. All you have to do to complete this skill challenge is commune with the Ancient Cave Spring, which is a pillar of light. The area is full of cave spiders and there is a veteran cave spider right before the pillar of light. A few dead spiders and you’re good to go.

Skill challenges are a nifty way to earn extra skill points in Guild Wars 2. You’ll notice that the majority of skill challenges in the Wayfarer Foothills requires fighting. Man, those norn sure do love themselves some combat. Some of the skill challenges are pretty easy, but there are three that can be tough: Hunter’s Lake, Svanir’s Dome, and the Frozen Maw. If in doubt, bring some friends and you should grab all eight skill points in the Wayfarer Foothills in no time.

guild wars 2 complete skill challenge guide to wayfarer foothills

In Guild Wars 2, players begin to accumulate skill points once they reach level 5 with which to use to purchase new slot skills. However, every player wants to grab as many skills as they can get their grubby lil’ player hands on, and that requires more skill points that can be accumulated by just one per level. Guild Wars 2 offers a solution to this dilemma by giving the players to gain additional skill points through the successful completion of skill challenges.

As players travel through the various zones of Guild Wars 2, each explorable zone, whether it be PvE or WvW, has a number of skill challenges found there, which can be easily seen on the loading screen when loading into the zone. With Guild Wars 2’s dynamic leveling system, a player can travel into any zone, no matter what the level, and square off against danger and adventure. To help you squeeze out every skill point possible, offers this complete guide to skill challenges in the Wayfarer Foothills.

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