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Picking up the diving goggles puts you in a swimsuit

My final reason for enjoying the bundle system is that it’s fun. The circus example above illustrates this point. Another example that I stumbled across was a pair of swimming goggles. I had worked my way up to the top of a mountain in Kessex Hills that overlooked the sea. Laying on the ground at the edge of the cliff was a pair of diving goggles. When I put them on, my character’s appearance changed to where she was wearing a swimsuit. I decided to dive off the cliff to see what would happen. As I cliff-dived towards the ocean, two options became available: spin and flip. Did this alter the game in a significant way? No, but it was a heck of a lot of fun to do. Another fun bundle item was a bomb that you can pick up and once you use it, it’ll explode in 10 seconds. Who doesn’t love walking around with a giant keg bomb?

Picking up the diving goggles puts you in a swimsuit.

The amount if bundle items seems to be quite large and there is a variety of uses for them, ranging from hitting other people or consuming the item in question. Below is a partial list of bundle items discovered so far.

Bundle Item Examples
Keg of Ale Garden Hoe Shovel
Champagne Glass Branch Mug of Ale
Empty Bottle Bottle of Rum Ice Bow
Tree Branch Rusty Scrap Splintered Rack Piece
Boulder Wooden Plank Metal Bar
Broken Plank Diving Goggles Water Bucket
Poison Pod Bomb Wooden Sword
Egg Splintered Gate Piece Meat on a Stick
Cow Pie Training Rifle Shield
Pile of Snowballs “The Fixer” Wrench Bag of Feed

The bundle system in Guild Wars 2 is an interesting mechanic that not only allows for more options for combat and events, but also adds interaction with the environment as well as some fun. From throwing cow pies to whacking enemies with a plank of wood, the bundle system is one of those quiet, under-the-radar game mechanics that adds a refreshing air to the game.

guild wars 2 bundle system guide

Guild Wars 2 introduces a lot of new mechanics to online gamers, ranging from changes to normal auction house transactions to the Thief’s ability to steal useful items. One of the most intriguing new systems is the bundle system. What’s the bundle system, you ask? Well, it has nothing to do with raising political campaign donations. A bundle is an item that you can pick up or is given to you by an NPC that will replace the normal skills of your character.

How the Bundle System Works

The range of items that are bundles in Guild Wars 2 is quite large. They can range from planks of wood to boulders to diving goggles. Some of the bundle items you pick up can be used for harmless fun while others can be used for completing various tasks, or even grant you temporary weapons to use in combat. For example: an early Renown Heart task for human characters is to aid one of the local farmers. One thing that you can do to complete the task is to water their crops. In order to water the crop, you’ll need to pick up a bucket, and once you have the bucket, you’ll be able to water the various shriveled crops around the farm.

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