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Virtue is the unique profession mechanic

There will rarely be a time to use this virtue whenever you’re not in a group, unless you’re about to be downed (the 5 seconds of burning can be help finish an enemy off). In a group (or with lots of allies nearby), activating this virtue will grant a massive spike in damage, worth well more than what you can do by yourself.

For this virtue, save its activation until you’re going to be downed or when you’re near a large group of players (who are actively attacking).

Virtue of Resolve

Virtue of Resolve passively grants regeneration, not the boon but just healing over time. The technical term is “rejuvenation.” It is affected by healing power and scales with your level. The skill can be activated to heal yourself and nearby allies with a sixty second cooldown.

This one is a bit easier to understand when to and when not to activate. This virtue should only be activated to save yourself or an ally from being downed. Even in large groups, using a support skill to heal nearby allies is usually better than giving up your passive life regeneration and you shouldn’t waste it unless you’re about to be downed.

For this virtue, save its activation until you or an ally is about to be downed.

Virtue of Courage

Virtue of Courage grants Aegis every 40 seconds. Upon activation, it grants Aegis to you and your nearby allies and has a 90 second cooldown. This one is a bit tricky; the activation effect is superior to its passive effect (you only lose out on an extra Aegis on use). For more information on Aegis, check out our Boon Guide.

You should activate this virtue whenever you’re about to take a massive hit or you and your allies are about to get a large AoE attack incoming. This virtue gains a very powerful ability through traits – it can apply 3 seconds of stability on use, which can block a large AoE knockdown.

For this virtue, save its activation until you or your allies are about to take a heavy hit.

Additional Notes

Virtues can be instantly recharged with the elite skill Renewed Focus. The virtue trait line also provides many benefits, including lowering virtue cooldown times and increased boon duration.

Virtues do not stack, so you do not get double burning if two guardians activate Virtue of Justice. So while in a group or with a group of organized players, be sure to organize who uses their virtues when, to avoid a large waste of resources.

guild wars 2 complete skill challenge guide to brisban wildlands

Brisban Wildlands is the second zone that asura or sylvari players will adventure in, coming in from Metrica Province or Caledon Forest. This zone has a level range of 15 to 25 and its geography varies from bogs to lightly wooden plains to the underground city of the skritt. Overall, there is a grand total of eight skill challenges for the players to partake of.

The skill challenges found in Brisban will vary in nature as you traverse the map. Some skill challenges require a simple communion with an object, while others require combat against one or more tough opponents. Make sure that you’re an approximate level of the surrounding area if the skill challenge is a fight. Higher level players will find themselves actually breaking a sweat through Guild Wars 2’s dynamic leveling system as they are lowered to an approximate level to the zone.

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