Guild Wars 2

The trainer for your profession

Once you’ve located the trainer for your profession, interact with them by pressing the default [F] key, and they will give you the option to purchase one of their Trait Manuals.

Profession Trainer

To unlock the first tier of traits you will need to purchase the Adept’s Training Manual. This will allow you to spend up to 10 points in any of the 5 unique trait lines for your profession. As you can see in the image below, there are two additional trait tiers and associated training manuals you will need to purchase to unlock them at the appropriate levels which we’ll look at in more detail below.

Training Manuals

Spending Trait Points

The range of items that are bundles in Guild Wars 2 is quite large. They can range from planks of wood to boulders to diving goggles. Some of the bundle items you pick up can be used for harmless fun while others can be used for completing various tasks, or even grant you temporary weapons to use in combat. For example: an early Renown Heart task for human characters is to aid one of the local farmers. One thing that you can do to complete the task is to water their crops. In order to water the crop, you’ll need to pick up a bucket, and once you have the bucket, you’ll be able to water the various shriveled crops around the farm.

Bundle items have a sparkly glow around them as they lie on the ground. Once you click on them or interact with them using the [F] key to pick them up, you’ll notice that your character’s weapon skills (the 1-5 slots on your hotbar) have been temporarily replaced with one or more new skills. You can drop the item you’ve picked up by clicking on the green arrow to the left of the hotbar, or using the default weapon swap key [`]. Once you’ve done that, your normal weapon skills will return. Most bundle items have a limited duration and will disappear on their own after some usage.

Some dynamic events or personal story missions in Guild Wars 2 will require you to use the bundle system. One example that sticks out in my memory took place during the first beta weekend. My personal storyline had me trying to infiltrate a circus. One of the tasks given to me in order to worm my way into the confidence of the circus was to follow the directions of the mime. I had to replicate his movements in order to further the quest, and, initially, I was confused. After a minute, I realized that all my weapon skills had been replaced by mime actions, which I then used to complete the quest. I was bummed afterwards because I no longer had the mime actions available to me and I desperately wanted to hang about Divinity’s Reach performing as a mime to drive people crazy.

Now that you have the Adept trait tier unlocked, you can spend up to 10 points in any of the 5 trait lines for your profession. To do so, open your Hero window [H] and click on the Skills and Traits tab located on the left of the window. Clicking on “Traits” from the list of available options will open up the main traits screen, as shown below:

GW2 Traits Window

Your current total of unspent trait points will be displayed in the upper left corner of the window next to the hexagon icon. In our example image above, you can see this character has all 70 trait points unlocked and ready to spend.

Before you begin spending points, you will want to take some time to familiarize yourself with the 5 trait lines for your profession to get a better idea of how each will improve your character. Please note:

  • Each point spent will improve 2 Attributes associated with that trait line
  • 5 points spent in a single line will unlock a Minor trait
  • 10 points spent in a single line will unlock a Major trait.

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