Diablo 4

Game-Changing Bug in Diablo 4: Precision vs. Rapid Fire

In the highly anticipated game Diablo 4, players have encountered a significant bug that affects the damage output of the Rapid Fire skill when used in conjunction with the Precision attribute. This bug has caused confusion and frustration among players who expected their damage to increase but experienced the opposite effect.

Game-Changing Bug in Diablo 4: Precision vs. Rapid Fire

Understanding the Bug

The bug revolves around the interaction between Precision and Advanced Rapid Fire. When activating Advanced Rapid Fire, players noticed that their damage output decreased, contrary to expectations. This issue is reminiscent of a similar bug discovered in the previous season, where Advanced Rapid Fire nullified the Critical Strike damage multiplier from crossbows and weapon mastery.

In the current season, Precision plays a crucial role in boosting damage. Unfortunately, activating Advanced Rapid Fire overrides the Precision bonus entirely, resulting in a significant damage reduction. This bug has raised concerns among players who rely on Rapid Fire as a primary damage-dealing skill.

Damage Discrepancy

To provide a clear example of the bug’s impact, let’s examine a scenario. Without Advanced Rapid Fire, a player may achieve damage outputs ranging from 500,000 to 800,000 per shot. However, upon activating Advanced Rapid Fire, the damage drops to a mere 500,000 to 1 million. Even when equipped with the appropriate Diablo 4 items. This discrepancy illustrates the severity of the bug and its detrimental effect on gameplay.

Recommended Workarounds

To mitigate the bug’s impact on damage output, players are advised to avoid using Advanced Rapid Fire altogether. Instead, opting for Improved Rapid Fire or an alternative skill can help maintain damage consistency. Additionally, selecting Weapon Mastery as a replacement for Advanced Rapid Fire ensures that the Precision bonus remains intact. Although this workaround results in a slightly lower Critical Strike damage increase (15% instead of the intended 30%), it prevents the bug from nullifying Precision entirely.


The bug affecting Precision and Advanced Rapid Fire in Diablo 4 Season 3 has resulted in unexpected reductions in damage output. By understanding the mechanics of this bug and implementing the recommended workarounds, players can mitigate its impact on gameplay.