Revelation Online

Several Game Currencies Key to a Robust Economy

The Revelation Online site may be updated while using first of several blogs around the in-game automated program. The discussion focuses on a description of the of the game’s currencies: Gyth Notes, Gythil, Aurum, and Ausgyth Points.

Gyth Notes are earned by questing and completing other content and so are used to purchase things from NPCs
Gythil can be used exclusively for trading between players both within the auction house and player stalls. Gythil is obtained through some quests and in-game content which is given as “change” from purchases created using Gyth Notes.
Aurum is premium currency purchased with down to earth cash. It can be gifted and bought / sold for Gythil. It is employed in the in-game store.
Ausgyth Points really are a ‘rare’ currency earned through upgrading reputation with all the Order of Guardians or completing other difficult content. It is character bound and accustomed to purchase rare items.

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