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“Revelation Online” new guild league to open cross-service against the experience

December 16 industry film reincarnation of information on-line, the Association of League will open a new hegemony mode, the new revision of the league will usher in a fierce cross-service confrontation, will show a new combat experience!

This week only part of the server to open the test experience, the final version of the service is subject to open, following the first sister to see the new version of the Association of encyclopedic League which highlights it!

Test instructions

1. The new guild leagues will be in the fox cloud Canglan and Amidst the test.

2.2 test service will be based on pre-update of the guild league (old) ranking to obtain the corresponding monthly ranking awards, the guild league (new) season awards for only one field will not be released. Association of League (new) other awards will be normally distributed.

New game system highlights

The new hegemony mode open, in the original Association League Dragon Group, White Tiger Group on the basis of the group, adding a more reasonable league match mechanism, the points system into a more intense Legion system, the final strength of the service 4 strong guild and the national war On the war service 4 strong association, will conduct an ultimate cross-service showdown. Cross-service king of the decisive battle will make the League more passionate league!

More reasonable matching mechanism

Guild Battlefield League Weekly for a complete round, each season for a month, including 4-5 rounds.At the end of the season, clearing bonus, but do not clear the Legion Group last season, Pioneer Corps and garrison members will be retained. Each open a new round of league, the league last week, the top four will form a new round of the league’s Pioneer Corps, the former 5-8 formed a garrison.

The new service open association (new), according to the guild strength, the first four guilds become vanguard corps, 5-8 became garrison corps, 9-12 became reserve army.

(The old) top four guilds will become the guild league (new) Pioneer Legion Association, the guild leagues (old) ranked 5-8 Association (old), the Association (old) Will become the guild league (new) garrison Corps Association.

The new guild leagues will be 12 in the service between the Association will be two rounds of competition to determine the strongest of the top four strength of the Association, the four guild clan on behalf of the service against the third round of cross-service game. The three rounds of competition is to choose a more reasonable match mechanism, will make the game even more exciting between the game.

The first round of the war, for the Legion internal promotion tournament

1. Each Legion internal random match opponents to fight

2. At the end of each Legion, there are 2 winners and 2 losers

3. Reserve Legion of the two losers will be eliminated

The second round wins handsome battle for the Legion between the challenge

1. Pioneer Legion of the two winners of the Association of fighting, resulting in the service championship runner-up Association

2. Pioneer Legion of the two losers Association and the garrison Legion of the two winners to match, to compete for the remaining Pioneer Legion 2 seats. Winners Association into the Pioneer Corps, the losers into the garrison

3 garrison Legion of the two losers and the reserve Legion of the two winners Association to match, to compete for the remaining two garrison Legacy. Winner guild into the garrison, loser guild eliminated

The third round of the decisive battle, the service of four strong match with the National War 4 strong battle

1. After the second round won the battle of the hands of a new generation of four Pioneer Corps Association

2. The service of the four Pioneer Corps with the national war on the four vanguard of the war service Legion race

3. The service will win the war victory to increase the service of the national war points

League rhythm more compact

Preparation Corps weekly registration, registration of the Association of the Association of the strength of the Association of four selected as a reserve Corps.

registration time:

The Association’s president and vice president can sign up for the guild leagues from Monday through Wednesday, and the Pioneer and Garrison Corps associations will automatically sign up.

Competing time:

After the deadline for registration, on Friday in the fierce Qinglong Group, the White Tiger Group of the top 12 qualifying, the final service of the Pioneer Army will match the country with the Pioneer Army vanguard service fierce cross-service victory.

Friday game time is as follows:

Reward a brief description

War rewards: war team players available

1. Battle of the War Victory of the guild members to obtain [War of the Victory Victory] (including a small amount of moire clouds and a large number of Chamber of Commerce-note)

2. Battle of the failed battle of the guild members to obtain [War Involved] (including a small amount of white moire and the amount of Chamber of Commerce-note)

3. Pursuit of the handsome battle of the Pioneer / garrison Corps guild members get the corresponding Pioneer / garrison Corps treasure box (including a different number of moire and Chamber of Commerce through the money, there are probabilities out of permanent divine wings Fengxiang Tianyi and Fengxiang Tianyi essence)

4 wins handsome battle The Pioneer / garrison Legion Association of the corresponding Pioneer Corps trophy (including a different number of Zulong India, dragon seal scrolls and Fengxiang Tianyi essence)

5. Winning the battle of the guild members can win a large number of national contributions and a large number of emblem emblem, the president can get 2 Fengxiang Tianyi essence

6. Battle of the defeat of the guild members of the Society can get the amount of national contributions and the amount of Imperial Emblem


50 Fengxiang Tianyi essence can be in the wings of businessmen Xiao Meng Department of synthesis of a very high wing of God Fengxiang Tianyi;

Fengxiang Tianyi essence can be traded

Association League to suppress awards

1. In the league battlefield (unbounded land), the Society received the higher the score, the more repressive incentives

2. Repression awards include a large number of military, war and the amount of the Association of the note

Guild League Week rewards

1. Weekly League at the end, the Pioneer Corps and the garrison of all guild members can get a small amount of Moire white

Association League season awards

1. One month for a season. The end of the season, the Pioneer Corps and the garrison of the Association of the Association of the corresponding level of the season chest, the president issued to the members.

2. Different levels of chests, including a different number of moire white jade

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