Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 offers the player many rewards for exploring the world

The game has a vast land, each place has its own characteristics.Each place are well-equipped, and everyone can choose one in line with the upgrade of the road.You can also play games at the same time to tour around.If you have much Guild Wars 2 Gold.

Guild Wars 2 offers the player many rewards for exploring the world of Tyria. One of the rewards a player can experience when traveling through the game’s various zones is interacting with Vistas. When a player interacts with a vista, they are treated to a short cinematic mini-movie that showcases the local area in lush detail.

Kessex Hills, the second zone that human players will usually adventure in, has a grand total of nine vistas to discover. A player will know the number of vistas by looking at the loading screen when entering a zone or at any time in the map legend for that area. The first vista in the Kessex Hills is located in the Black Haven fortress in the Delanian Foothills, which is to the far east of the zone.

The vista is located on top of a tower in the fortress. To reach the vista, run up the ramp to the tower. Go inside the tower and go up the stairs. Once you’ve gone up the stairs, you’ll see a wooden walkway on the side of the tower. Jump onto the wooden walkway and run up it. You’ll have to do a few jumps onto some higher ledges and then a second walkway heading up. Continue going up and you’ll have to jump onto a few more higher ledges and then onto the roof itself where you can then interact with the vista.

The vista is found in the Cereboth Canyon section of the zone. This vista is located halfway up a cliff and next to a huge waterfall. To reach this vista, you’ll have to jump down from the top of the waterfall on the western side of the river. Just jump down and interact with the vista once you’ve picked yourself up off the ground.

The vista is found just east of Lychcroft Mere high up in a tree. To reach this vista, you’ll have to jump up the tree, following a path of giant mushrooms, the cliff face, and a branch. Just keep jumping up until you reach the highest mushroom where the vista is located.

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