Guild Wars 2

Asura gates are the other side of the travel coin in Guild Wars 2

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Asura gates are the other side of the travel coin in Guild Wars 2. They are free to use and provide instantaneous transport to other asura gates. Most asura gates are found in the cities, with Lion’s Arch having a particularly large number of gates, but can be found in the wilds. In appearance, they are circular gates that have a glowing purple circle in the center.

Unlike waypoints, you don’t have to rely upon discovering asura gates to use them. You can travel from Divinity’s Reach to Lion’s Arch without ever having stepped foot into the latter city before. Asura gates are also used to transport players into World-versus-World battles. You can find asura gates on your map as they’re shown as a purple swirl.

You’ll have to walk many a league to unlock the various waypoints in each zone, but the lure of exploration is its own reward. Who knows what you’ll find as you explore the nooks and crannies of the world?While the bulk of your traveling time will be spent on foot, the ability to use waypoints and asura gates allows you to travel quickly across the world once you’ve unlocked the various waypoints.

This allows you to quickly get to the action, especially if you’re doing your personal storyline, and not waste time tramping from one side of the map to the other over and over again. Spending a few coins is a small price to pay to instantly travel to another waypoint. Playing Guild Wars 2 should be about taking part in a glorious epic fantasy, not wasting time trudging around to get to the adventure.

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