Guild Wars 2

The starting zone for new charr characters in Guild Wars 2

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You will know how many skill challenges are present in a zone by looking at the loading screen when you load into a zone.Plains of Ashford, the starting zone for new charr characters in Guild Wars 2, has a total of six skill challenge locations for the players to earn extra skill points. If the player successfully completes the skill challenge, they will be rewarded with an additional skill point.

The challenge is in close proximity to Ashford Forum as well, and can be found by simply exiting the outpost on the east side and then heading directly north. There you will find a post in the ground that you can interact with [F] that will initiate the challenge, though it’s possible that the enemy NPCs may already be spawned when you arrive.

This challenge can be handled by a duo or small group, but be warned that there are 4 enemy ghosts that you will need to defeat. Three of them will be normal level 10 ghosts, while the fourth is a Veteran mob named Captain Mattox who likes to use knockbacks often in combat. You’ll typically want to start by defeating the weaker enemies while dodging the captain’s attacks, before finally finishing him off.

The skill challenge will take you to the far southern edge of the map, and is located in a small cave on the southwestern end of Lake Adorea. You will need to fight your way past a few fire imps located outside of the cave entrance, but they can easily be handled by around level 10.

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