Guild Wars 2

There are plenty of other ghostly encounters to be found on Guild Wars 2

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There are plenty of other ghostly encounters to be found on various maps in the game. In the spirit of the holiday, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite ghostly encounters for you to check out in this special edition of our explorer’s journal, the Splendid Chest.From ghosts to risen zombies, the dearly departed can easily be found trying to snuff the life from our poor adventuring bodies.

Another ghost that you can encounter in Guild Wars 2 is also found in Queensdale in the far west section of Shaemoor Fields. This time, the ghost is the gentle soul of Cicely Ottley. Just like the Lady in White, she will only appear at night next to her tombstone. When you talk to her, she asks the player to be kind to her family’s farm. She is keeping an eye on her husband and son. Cicely asks the players to be kind to them and that they work so hard.

While this encounter doesn’t add any XP or give any credit for completing an event, I love it as it adds another layer of depth to the game world. It’s just a small encounter in a corner of the world which can only happen at nighttime, but it makes an emotional connection.An amusing ghost can be found on the Plains of Ashford at the Abbey Ruins.

While the place is chock full of angry undead that the player needs to defeat, there is the ghost of a cat wandering the ruins. When I first encountered it, it kind of took me by surprise. The cat even has a name: Alfa. What makes this encounter great is that the cat will chase vermin that are moving through the area. Like many other such encounters in Guild Wars 2, it isn’t earth-shaking, but it provides a chuckle and adds depth to the game world.

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