Guild Wars 2

The most sensible tactic here in Guild Wars 2

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In the boss staging area, to your immediate left, you’ll see a row of humans waiting to be sacrificed and in between them, a skull altar.The moment you and your party arrive the shaman will become surrounded by an impenetrable stone shield.The only way to break the shield is to pick up volcanic stones that fall from the ceiling around the shaman. When the stones spawn they will also be surrounded by an area of effect spell that knocks you down.

The most sensible tactic here is to have one member of your party concentrate on picking up the stones and throwing them at the shaman.To make the encounter a little trickier, a series of veteran shaman will spawn at the back of the room (with the exception of one) who will slowly work their way towards the imprisoned humans, before pushing them into the lava. It’s in your groups best interests to protect all the captives as doing so will result in an extra reward chest.

To keep the approaching shaman away from the prisoners you’ll have to use as many knockback, pull and cripple skills as you can. You should also be aware that at the furthermost side (towards the right) a single shaman will spawn next to a prisoner and instantly knock them into the lava. Placing a member of your party at the location to knock the Grawl back will give you a much better chance of obtaining the second chest.

After the Grawl shaman has fled onto the volcanic island below you’ll need to pursue him by following the train tracks to the lower levels. Unfortunately many of the train tracks are broken so much of the route involves a lot of jumping. Thankfully it’s incredibly forgiving to the player and even if you miss jump you’ll likely land on a safety platform below you, so be sure to just take your time.

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