Guild Wars 2

You will revisit some events of the past in Guild Wars 2

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Tixx Reached his home town of Rata Sum finally. Along the middle level of the magnificent city you can enter his infiniarium and complete the last of the mini dungeon challenges (Don’t worry if you missed any, 10am PST today he lands in Lion’s Arch and you can retry any of the past events). To complete this challenge you’ll revisit some events of the past, with a new one added just for the Asuran.

These Nests pop up along the south edge of the map and must be cleared before you can retake the helm area of the ship. Focus on killing the nests first since they spawn additional (adorable) plush Griffins until they are knocked down.

A little tricky to find, but waypoint back to the airship and take the teleporter to the toymaking apparatus in the sky. There you will be greeted by a ring of turrets as well as a malfunctioning toy golem for you to knock some sense into. Beat on it for a bit before it goes down and then make haste to the teleporter because the next event is to.

Toxx will appear from the south of the map. This time he’s a little trickier than days past and will teleport around the map. You can use the malfunctioning little toy golems to help you by pulling them into Toxx. The toys’ AoE attack will hurt Toxx for a ton before he teleports off to another point on the map.

Smash the Town: Destroy all scenery in the oval snowy area. This includes trees, houses and fencing. It’s much easier to do this when the map is complete. Both achievements counts towards the Apprentice Toymaker title.

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