Guild Wars 2

Two-Headed Giant is very common in Kryta

Two-Headed Giant is very common in Kryta, their great size, a hump biological. As its name implies, these ugly and wild creatures having two heads, in normal circumstances, the two of them head has its own independent thinking ability, but actually are not the same character. Although there are two heads, does not mean that their IQ than the average person to be twice as high, on the contrary, these creatures are very stupid, but stupid enough to not alien to us. The word “Ettin”, first appeared in the literature and mythology, Ettin in these myths is described as the head of the giant, in the famous “Dungeons & Dragons”, Ettin is two the head of the monster appears.Guild Wars 2 Gold.

The national dress first test soon, The following are a few of the more common monsters, players can hit a shot, if carefully studied, in fact, can be found in “Guild Wars 2” monster also has a historical background, although they unlike the five races that has a complex history, but some monster is more ancient than the five races exist.Cheap¬†GW2 Gold.

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