Guild Wars 2

They seek to discover their purpose in Guild Wars 2

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The sylvari may take a human shape, but a closer look will reveal that their flesh is made of vines and leaves, with foliage and petals in place of hair, and golden sap flowing through their veins.The sylvari are an enigma. Humanoid in form, plantlike in nature, they are recent arrivals in Tyria who have roamed the world for only 25 years.

No one knows why they have suddenly appeared in Tyria, least of all the sylvari themselves, and they seek to discover their purpose in the world.The sylvari are a young race, yet they face challenges from within and without. A rare few sylvari have seen the shadows of the Elder Dragons in the Dream, warnings of the danger that menaces the awakened world.
As a result, the sylvari perceive the global threat posed by the Elder Dragons more clearly than the other races. Undead minions of Zhaitan crawl from the Sea of Sorrows to despoil sylvari land with alarming frequency.They are all born of a single parent—the mighty Pale Tree that dominates the Tarnished Coast.

The sylvari are bound together by the Dream, a collective state that nurtures and teaches them before they are awakened fully grown, with some knowledge of the world around them. Through the Dream, most sylvari are imbued with an inherent sense of nobility, curiosity, and a need to explore. As each sylvari travels and learns more of the world, that knowledge comes back to the Pale Tree, which shares it with a new generation through the Dream.

The Pale Tree towers over the Tarnished Coast, her looming trunk taller than many mountains. Under the shelter of her lush foliage, the sylvari have made their homes in the Grove, a verdant, multi-level city composed entirely of plants. Some of the sylvari have lived their entire lives beneath the tree, but most choose to wander, to adventure, and to let their memories of the Dream take them where it may.

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