Guild Wars 2

They will need to battle other people and monsters

Soul Wars does not require any levels or quests in order to be played. Players should note the following things, however:

They will need to battle other people and monsters; higher Combat levels are advantageous, though not absolutely necessary.

Fighting the avatars and monsters is easier with higher Slayer levels; pyrefiends and jellies have slayer requirements of 30 and 52 respectively while higher slayer levels can be used to kill the other team’s avatar faster. Players can still be useful to the team with a low slayer level as it is not required to attack other players.GW2 Gold.

This is a combat-based activity, so it would be a good idea to have at least level 43 Prayer for Protect from Melee.

Players will be asked to remove their cape before entering a waiting room; each team has a different cape colour for identification (blue and red)

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