Guild Wars 2

Has a range blinding groups repulsed control of skills

Wind system: the range blinding and groups stun monomer repulsed control skills, a movement speed upgrade their skills.

Cut from the water system to the wind system, your goal should be similar to restore normal movement speed, and is moving straight rushing to remain calm at this time, several combos wind system.

You can select the first wind the enemy pushed out, and then shut your enemy and then wind 5 or wind 5 set waiting for the target path of the enemy will fall to hit the grid.

Or first set on the path winds 5 to guide the target to run into the grid stun, or you use the wind will target push run into the grid.

Or when you are not confident about their predicted position can also wind invariably used to push the blame with own place setting wind 5 to push the run into the power grid as a priority.

Wind blinding him close to you, or simply used to create harm.

The order in which the winds over the batter: 5 → 3 → 2 or 2 → 5 → 3

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