Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 mysterious organization Order of Whispers

The Peru the precept Mission (Order of Whispers) the mysterious ancient Ilona Mission, they usually are not personal appearances, control everything behind, their mission is to protect the entire world from the dragon disasterand trying to liberation and reconstruction into a predicament Ilona. Most secret precept group members are spies, thieves and agents, of Tyria major country in almost every figure, and even some of the ruling class, they take advantage of the vast network of spies in various places, including those who have been prohibited from entering the region engaged in the work of intelligence gathering.


Secret precept group members believe is impossible by virtue of their power to destroy the ancient dragon, so find something to make them sleepy again is the only feasible method. Another secret precept regiment in 1075 AE help Cormier defeated Abaddon and was promoted to God, after this darkness geographical Forsaken with management. In the years that followed, the secretary precept group development outside the boundary of the continent Ilona secret inform others to the dangers of the ancient dragon, although they are always being ignored, but they continued to warn people about the dragon the risk, as well as the world is facing a huge disaster.

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