Guild Wars 2

Why play the D / D elements of division

A few of the main reasons to play the D / D elements are as follows:
The superior DPS output as well as AOE instantaneous injury
Maria Tanzania force with blood
ELEGANCE moving force
Superior vision capability

See this first question you may want to ask: Maria horizons What the hell?
A D / D element has several “non-directional” AOE skills slightly after PbAoE (In fact, in the original Point Blank AOE Point Blank is there is a feeling in the position itself inside, but unfortunately I did not have a way to the condensed into the perfect Chinese nouns XD), rather than directional AOE melee attack than the average to be even better, because it’s very effective attack range, and your role is not the face of the enemy will be able to hit.

Non-directional AOE skills are as follows:
Fire reconcile 34 technology
Wind reconcile 45 technology the (5 technology did not output but the judgment is still PbAoE)
Soil reconcile 245 TECHNOLOGY
The Arcane feature 11 (Evasive Arcana)
Why should I care about this non-directional AOE stuff, and how it can help me?
To put it bluntly, all, not PbAoE and no Target Ring skills, require your character to be the face of the enemy.

Example: Ranger impossible with ass archery must face the enemy soldiers edge chop must be in the correct direction to hit you like. In other words, you can be the best you can to using PbAOE skills to confuse your enemy, because you care little about the role of the face which side, with the goal of maintaining effective distance like. What does this mean? You can take advantage of accelerated resident in enemy positions in prowling, playing a dozen under also not been hit several times, because they have to always take the time to adjust the lens so that the role can face your motorcycle elements!
(Remember to turn off the Melee-Assist Options inside)

PbAoE also allows you to control the location of the chant to hit plural enemy. (Usually a shuttle between the enemy positions)
This vision ability can provide what?
A D / D elements so is only able to take advantage of the terrain to the ultimate career. Soil 5 and Lightning Flash (the Teleport Technology) 789 technology is one of the most powerful attack combos all occupations. Moreover, of all soil reconcile skills can ignore the obstacles, In other words, the soil 1245 technology so you can hit the enemy behind the wall. Also, almost all the skills you can use in a corner near. If you are behind a tree with a ranger, his general attack less than you, but your water with fire through the trees to hit him. Even, you can sing in the lower soil 5 enemy within 600 units higher than you would be hit.
(The Ranger strike is not in the occasion from time only behind a tree ah!)
There is no limit to this part of the imagination, you can on how many enemies or high-end PvP players depends entirely on the terrain where you are, and your own skills.

Early leveling Raiders:
I suggest that we must try all combinations of weapons and all weapons skills training
Equipment parts:
Every chance to TP to buy new clothes, like blue-green fitted after dispose or direct selling NPC will not have nothing to lose. Novice fitted value not be overly concerned by the short line with your current level of armed remember must use.

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