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For this coming soon holiday,Guild Wars 2 is no doubt that prepared a lot for Halloween. Our GW2 fans are also waiting for its’ coming.Here are the views of our GW2 Gold players:Seraph Guardian:So this pretty much confirms that there will be a Halloween event.I was worried because it is so soon after launch, but I’m sure GW1 will not be let down.I fully expect the Mad King in Lion’s Arch.I’m hoping for a Nightmare Before Christmas homage where he pops out of the mystic forge.

Vanguard Scout:I’m excited to see what they do for GW2.  Always had such a blast during the events in GW, and they have so many more options with GW2… it’s going to be crazy!Also, still very happy to see that they will also be running the contests for the community.Always get to see some really cool eations from the Cub:So, this event is centered around those that have artistic disappointing for dull unartistic people like me.

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