Guild Wars 2

A new player in GW 2

As a new player in GW 2, everything is new and difficult for you to learn, like different items and monsters. Learning how to get guild war 2 gold is also necessary for new players. Platinum and gold are two types of currency of GW 2. Platinum is equal to 1000 gold. New players should be careful in trades because someone would try using Guild Wars 2 Gold as platinum to cheat you. Here are some tips to help new players enjoy this game better.

Gold wars gold farming is one of the most popular methods. Players can kill monsters to clean the areas completely. Two areas where this method is practiced the most are in the starting stages o the game or in the Prophecies chapter before crossing over into the Post Searing, for the drop from the mobs is of great value for players. That is the vial of the dye then people can sell the white and black dyes to the players and merchants are less than 8,000 GW2 Gold.

Although this is an effective way to make lots of gold in the game, players have to spend much time, so they prefer to make use of other means to earn the gold they want to purchase necessary items and weapons instead of spending most of their time farming for gold.Apart from spending gold getting new armors and weapons, you can save and accumulate more gold when you Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold from online vendors selling authentic gold, items and weapons. Therefore, making GW2 gold is not such a difficult task .If you take advantage of the gold and the items on online shops, you will pay lower price for the gold you need. Simultaneously, you can get any item that you can use to advance easily through the game.

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