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Colin refer to the updates of to the mobs and creatures

It is no doubt that Guild Wars 2 is one of the most successful MMOs in 2012. The design of its professions bring players a fresh feeling, which can be regarded as a new peak.  No matter its dynamic events, which is able to bring players surprise through unknown next event; its personal story, which offers players a chance to change the story according to your disctinctive choice. There are several differences in the profession design.

Next, Guild Wars 2 design team plan to develop a new rewards system in the future, whose name is Precursor Scavenger Hunt. Guild Wars 2 design team concentrate on developing new rewards system to offer gamers more chance to obtain rewards. In the future, the rewards will spread all over the Tyria, and when gamers search and discover the maps, you are able to obtain more GW2 Gold and other rewards than before, and at the same time, there will release more ways to farm rewards. What’s makes Guild Wars 2 gamers excited is that the rewards contain Legend Precursor Weapons!

Additionally, the difference among professions are visible in Guild Wars 2. Today, I’d like to talk about Thief. Thief has make several distinctive changes. He is not a simple stealth hunter. In the previous MMORPGs, the ultimate equipment of Thief is two daggers, plus quick-play, stun, poison, and break stun, while Guild Wars 2 Thief has more skills to use. I list several kinds of the new skill of Thief in Guild Wars 2, which one do you like most, please cast a vote for it.

First of all, Colin refer to the updates of to the mobs and creatures in Guild Wars 2, and said that they plan to reassess all the Bosses and mobs in the game, which including the world map and dungeon map. They intend to add more subjective initiative to the Bosses and mobs so that the monsters are able to change skill and tactics according to the situation. As the the task will become more difficult, the rewards and the Guild Wars 2 Gold will increase correspondingly. This changes will bring Guild Wars 2 more challenges and interesting. Certainly, a large amount players are crazy for this news, and are looking forward to this changes.

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