Guild Wars 2

As the main output of an enchanter skills

Guild Wars 2 interactive content and scope is very wide, you made each choice, accept each task to complete each challenge, interactive content changes will affect the role of the active area and growth routes, etc, and then plus the operation of the different players in the game, each player will experience their own unique game story, just like real life.

Curtain of stealth effect and transmit channel of short moment transfer effect, make an enchanter can freely in and out on the battlefield, GW2 Gold disappear or at random. Can master the sense that gives a person is more like the mage assassins and high mobility of the commander. Can use the essence of an enchanter is able to control the ability of come and go freely and the macro control of the battlefield.

When the link between two or more players, the game will trigger a variety of interactive content depending on Guild Wars 2 Gold. For example, if you are a shoulder lone hero saving the world heavy responsibility, then it will attract around a group willing to follow your comrades-in-arms. Would you comrades different interactive experience, may you in the use of him, you may really like him, you may estranged him.

As the main output of an enchanter skills, heart failure and chaos are terrible storm explosive damage, but also the objective scope of killing ability. Fighting in groups, with an enchanter elegant illusion ability, accurately cut battlefield, give her back a devastating blow to the output, can definitely make an enchanter large team combat killing machines.

In general, an enchanter this profession can be full of dream of the color, can attack and defend, elegant clever, Cheap Guild Wars 2 GoldĀ  as to how to interpret this magic career, but also all of us together to discover.

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