Guild Wars 2

Useful Tips That Every Adventurer Should Know

Like any good MMO, Guild Wars 2 is really bad at explaining things. So here we’ve collated some useful tips every player should know.

1).Organise your inventory

If your inventory is cluttered up with collectables – for example, the Rytlock Brimstone pet that comes with the deluxe edition of the game, or crafting materials – click the cog icon at the top right of your inventory and select ‘deposit all
collectables’. They’ll then be sent safely to your bank.

2).Change your colours

You can change the colour of your character’s clothes/armour at any time. Press H to bring up the hero screen, then click on the colour dropper icon above your gear. You start with a basic set of dyes, but more can be found as random drops – some of which are rare. You can also buy dyes from the gem store, find them in PVP reward chests, or purchase through the trading post.

3).Linking items

If you want to link to an item in the chat window – perhaps to trade, or just to show off – hold shift and click on it. It’ll appear as a link that people can hover over to see the full stats of your item.

4).Gathering XP

If you see a gather point, like a tree or some crops, always take the time to harvest them. Not only can you sell the materials or use them for crafting, but it earns you XP. In ‘farm’ areas with a lot of harvest points, you can earn a tidy amount of experience for little to no effort.

5).Revive your allies (and strangers)

If the area around you is safe, always take the time to revive fallen players. Not only is it a nice thing to do generally, but it gives you as much XP as killing a common enemy. The more players who hit revive near someone, the faster their health bar will regenerate.

Thanks for your reading. Hopefully you’ll find it useful.

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