Guild Wars 2

The road kill small monster came to the edge of the arch bridge

Open the treasure box followed to meet you is to fire channel, the authority through the condition is must have three people holding the ball impact in the past, and three goals must be within the time prescribed by the are put up to just go. Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold in into the channel before you are best off light is better, the thief with a relatively hidden step will be a lot easier.

After the past has been to go, and the NPC will trigger a dynamic, then brush many strange out. This strange don’t need all clear, we only need to put on red fork strange kill, don’t think you if want to clear light it must also is possible. Head has red fork strange every time is refresh 4, will refresh the appearance of three rounds.

After finished BOSS walked on, the road kill small monster came to the edge of the arch bridge at this time you can choose to kill the past or blunt past, GW2 Gold certainly blunt past save time by thieves, and if there is a group of stealth on the past.

They haven’t brush out in space will have a lot of strange chasing your cut, this time round and round to run, to tell you the truth, silver ring strange kill up quite laborious. Kill the three should have treasure box, by the way will also release a teleporter.

Now began to speak first line, the first line of the difficulty lies in the final BOSS, other basic no difficulty. In the copy into before you can eat some increase fire damage resistance agent to ensure that your inventory rate, quite good, you can try. Choose copy into the line after, take two steps can see the first gold ring BOSS, the BOSS will summon a flame strange, but everyone can fully take care of him, because after death will be called, so focus fire to kill the BOSS.

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