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Guild Wars 2 From mentioned above, we can see that there is a limit to the number of supply recharge. Therefore, we need to constantly replenish the supply by supply run on one hand; on the other hand, we should make rational use of the supply resources. Generally speaking, we need to run to and fro for several times, we can accomplish the whole war. Besides, it costs supply resources when upgrade, so we can not upgrade at will, or we’ll leave a ghost town to the enemy, and lose the city.

First of all, Guild Wars 2 players need to understand the concept of “supply”.
1. What is “supply” in Guild Wars 2 World VS World combat? I’ll make explication from the perspective of its merits and advantages. “Supply” is the most important factor in Guild Wars 2 because it is the necessary of Upgrades and Siege Weapons.
2. Next, let’s know how to supplement the supply? Supply is issued by the supply camp. The icon marked as a tent in the map is the supply camp. There are many supply depots except for supply camp in the combat, which usually recharge our individual supply.

3.Warm: Do not take supply from these supply camp and supply depots without the commander order from city, because the supplies in the city are used for upgrading or emergency usage.
But not the least, it is also very important for us to get rid of the defensive enemy. Less defensive opponents exist, more chances to capture the city. After solving all the issues above, the victory of the combat lays on the individual skill and teamwork. Hope all of those Guild Wars 2 players who love Guild Wars 2 battlefield write legend and assist their world make the finally victory. In the end, if you need the cheapest Guild Wars 2 Gold, and want to learn useful strategy, visit frequently.

After knowing the related knowledge of Supply, let’s learn Guild Wars 2 Gold¬† some small tactics of the battlefield. At first, we need to seize the initiative to occupy the territory, which marked as ax on the map. Because NPC will help the occupant to offensive the attackers and defend the city by sending¬† reinforcements. While if the other part want to attack the city under the protection of the NPC, they have to attack the city for at least two times, one for putting the NPC return to neutral seat, and the second for capturing the dominion or the territory.

In addition, we need to take the offensive sequence into account, that is to say, we need to place an order about the targets – which comes the first, and which comes the next. Under normal circumstances, we should destroy all the threat weapons at the first time, such as Cannon. Except for the primary target, the secondary target we should set containing removing the Oil, or Mortal.

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