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Learning through progression in GW2

The gloves come off this week for the latest round of The Last Whiskey Bar. While both Lewis and Sardu agree that the tiered trait system is a perfectly viable switch, apparently the same doesn’t necessarily apply to other aspects of the game.

Both participants come out swinging this round as they attempt to address: Tiered Utility Skill Unlocks: For or Against?

Lewis is firmly in the ‘against’ camp, while Sardu is all for this major change to how utility skills are unlocked for players. Read on to witness both sides of the argument in our latest and greatest virtual bar brawl to the death!

What I find frustrating in this system is that it’s purposefully restricting my choice for no specific reason.  Are ArenaNet acknowledging that some skills are more powerful than others? Are they wanting me to unnecessarily spend my skill points so I complete more skill challenges? Are they doing it to hold my hand and gently expose me to the power of Elites in a laborious fashion?

I just don’t know the answer, as I cannot see that there is one.  What I find most frustrating is that I now cannot obtain the skills I use so readily in structured PvP until I’ve unlocked ‘X’ amount of skills at my current level. As a result, I’m forced to use Skill Points I would have normally saved and spent on more ‘expensive’ skills.

By level 80 everyone will have all skills, so why prolong the agony along the way? With access to skill slots already tied to level, surely this was enough.  The higher skill point cost on certain skills more than made up for this and was a wonderful system as it gave users flexibility.

If I wanted to obtain Elixir B, because it was cheap (1 Skill Point), I could.  If I wanted to obtain Elixir Gun after saving my points (6 Skill Points), I could.  Instead, I now have to wait even longer for weapons or skills that compliment my play style.


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