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Every profession in Guild Wars 2

When players travel through the various zones of Guild Wars 2, each explorable zone, whether it be PvE or WvW, has a number of skill challenges found there, which can be easily seen on the loading screen when loading into the zone. Even if the player is of a higher level than the zone, the skill challenges found there won’t necessarily be a cakewalk because of Guild Wars 2’s dynamic leveling system.

The Harathi Hinterlands is a zone located in north Kryta and has a level range of 35 to 45. The geography ranges from lush woodland to devastated battlefields. There are quite a number of dynamic events detailing the ongoing conflict against the centaurs. Overall, there are a total of six skill challenges in the Harathi Hinterlands for the player to complete.

While each skill challenge in Guild Wars 2 rewards the player with an additional skill point if successfully completed, the nature of the skill challenge itself can vary. Some challenges require a fight against a fierce foe while others may require an interaction with an object. If the skill challenge requires a fight, make sure that you’re an approximate level of the NPC that you’ll be dueling. To help you maximize your skill point looting, offers this complete guide to the skill challenges of the Harathi Hinterlands.

Every profession in Guild Wars 2 has some unique abilities that set them apart from other professions, and in the case of the Thief, that unique talent is the ability to steal. The Thief’s ability to steal allows the player to steal something from an opponent and then use that item. Most of the time, the item gained is some form of weapon that can be used against the opponent, but sometimes it can be in the form of a boost.

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