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This is an actual decent melee weapon in GW2

Earth Shield (Magnetic Shield)

  • Shield Smack – Melee hit.
  • Crippling Shield – Throws your shield in a line in front of you, crippling enemies.
  • Magnetic Surge – Run at an enemy and daze them.
  • Magnetic Shield – Pull nearby enemies to you.
  • Fortify – Become invulnerable for three seconds.

This weapon is great, it gives you some solid defense with fortify, some great control with three control focused abilities, and still lets you attack. This is something that’s awesome for point defense or to casually have in dungeons to throw to the person who is keeping enemies busy. It’s also great in PvP to throw down to give someone a breather or to do a big pull in PvE (gather enemies and then fortify).

Frost Bow (Ice Bow)

  • Water Arrow – Shoots an arrow that heals nearby allies on hit.
  • Frost Volley – Shoot multiple arrows applying vulnerability.
  • Frost Fan – Shoots arrows in a frontal arc applying chill.
  • Ice Storm – A regular AoE attack.
  • Deep Freeze – Locks the enemy in a block of ice.

This one is kind of odd, since most of the abilities are already available to an elementalist in one form or another, but the Deep Freeze is super important. It locks someone down into a block of ice that they can’t escape from. In PvE it’s great to gain distance (assuming the enemy isn’t immune) and in PvP it can disable the support character for a long enough time to get someone down.

Lightning Hammer (Lightning Hammer)

  • Lightning Swing, Static Swing, and Thunderclap – Deals damage, the third attack blinds.
  • Lightning Leap – Jump at an enemy.
  • Wind Blast – Knocks an enemy back.
  • Lightning Storm – AoE around you.
  • Static Field – Static Field that isn’t ground targetable.

This is an actual decent melee weapon that deals a considerable amount of damage. You’ll burn through the charges fast, but the damage is actually impressive for a lot of professions, not just the elementalist. There are a lot of builds circling around with melee elementalists who use lightning hammer with a lot of success. Wind Blast is great as an interrupt/knockback.

Fiery Greatsword (Fiery Greatsword)

  • Flame Wave – Shoot fireballs from range.
  • Fiery Eruption – Applies burning to nearby foes.
  • Fiery Whirl – You swing the sword around dealing damage while charging forward.
  • Fiery Rush – Charge an enemy and put a firewall down.
  • Firestorm – AoE ability.

This is an elite and kind of a neat one. It deals a very large amount of damage, especially fiery rush if you can keep your character spinning up against someone. The skill 1 is pretty good for damage, although I don’t like the time it takes for fiery eruption to go off. Firestorm is an OK AoE. I’d use this in situations you’re facing a lot of enemies and want to fiery rush through them.

Conjured Weapons Guide

Conjured weapons are unique to the elementalist in Guild Wars 2. Sure, they have some similarities to Spirit Weapons and Weapon Kits, but they are actually rather different. The skill is ground targeted and gives you a weapon replacement and places one on the ground for someone else to use (including yourself). Each weapon has a specific number of charges and they all last sixty seconds.

A lot of players dismiss conjured weapons as a gimmick, but they are actually quite powerful, and unlock some unique playstyles that you wouldn’t normally associate with a caster. For instance, Conjure Earth Shield allows an elementalist to play defensively in the front-line and even able to take a few hits without any repercussions.

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