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Engineers are limited to three types of weapon

The Engineer can make use of both direct and condition damage in order to defeat their foes, while the profession can be broken down into three key areas: weapons/kits, elixirs and turrets.

Engineers are limited to three types of weapon: pistols (both main and offhand), rifle and shield and cannot have a second weapon set equipped like other professions.  They can however make up for this by having access to various weapon kits that they equip on their skill bar: Flamethrower, Elixir Gun, Grenade Kit, Bomb Kit, Tool Kit and Med Kit.  All of these weapon kits (or heal kit in the Med Kits case) provide different functions and skills, but we’ll cover that in a little more detail below.

The Engineer also has access to an array of Elixirs.  Elixirs are skills which when consumed create an effect on you, often with a predetermined or random outcome.  For example, using Elixir S will shrink you to the size of a mouse for several seconds allowing you to evade all incoming attacks.   Elixir C will remove all your conditions and turn them into boons or Elixir U will grant you haste, allowing you to attack at rapid speed for several seconds.  In total there are 6 Elixirs with one of those being an Elite skill.

Engineer Turret

Turrets are stationary objects that the Engineer can place down with all of them serving different functions. There are 5 turrets in total, ranging from a Flame Turret (that sets players on fire) a Net Turret (which immobilizes them) to a Thumper Turret that damages all enemies in an area.   Turrets can also be “overcharged” which allows for additional effects.  For example, if you overcharge a Net Turret it will fire an electrified net at your foe, or if you overcharge a Flame Turret it will blind all those nearby in a cloud of smoke.  Carefully using your overcharge abilities, while placing turrets in the right positions, can make all the difference in Capture Point defence.

If the Engineer has any downsides it is in its limited weapon sets (if you don’t like Kits or Turrets) while Elixirs random effects are not for everyone, especially if you want guarantees from your skills. Engineers also have a high skill ceiling as they are often managing multiple kits or tool belt skills.

Guild Wars 2 Engineer


The engineer uses various tools and elixirs to overcome their enemies.  They can take control of entire areas with their use of turrets while providing direct support through their use of various  kits. Combined with their use of mines, bombs and grenades they can be formidable in the right hands. As an adventurer profession, similarly to a ranger, engineers wear medium amour and because of that can withstand reasonable amounts of damage.  Their ability to use a shield however, the only adventurer profession able to, significantly improves their survivability.  Engineers are considered a relatively complex and challenging profession, yet once mastered, can be incredibly powerful.

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