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GW2 Dungeon Patch Explanation

Many of you have been asking about the logic behind the October 1st dungeon update for Crucible of Eternity and Citadel of Flames. Well over on the official forums, Robert Hrouda, one of the content designers for the GW2 Gold game, has graciously shed some light on the situation.

Hey folks, I thought I’d start this thread out with a bit of explanation, mainly regarding the rather nebulous statements made about CoF and CoE.

1. Reduced the difficulty of creatures and bosses, particularly health and armor.
2. I reduced kudu’s health, reduced kudu’s golems health, and reduced the Giant’s health. You fight three bosses in a row, and that was a bit arduous for a lot of Guild Wars 2 gold player.
3. Inquest Insurgents: Nerfed them pretty hard across the board. Lowered their damage, and adjusted their death blossom skill in how it applies the conditions to you, as well as it’s cooldown. That guy was just too brutal for story mode.
4. Inquest Magnetizer (how do they work?!): I gave his tornado a charge-up and a red ring so you could avoid it. I also lowered it’s damage and stun capabilities since it would randomly one-shot people.

There were other minor changes I don’t think are as important, but those above are ones I feel were significant enough to note.

The DR system – I’ll be monitoring the forums today to see the reaction to it. Our tests prove it to be working correctly, but it has in the past as well, and that has shaken confidence. If you see odd behavior with it, please say something.

We agree and are constantly working on improvements to the system. Next week’s patch will have some more updates to our reward system that we just couldn’t get reliably tested this time around. The DR system improvements should help a lot, but we’ll have some more good stuff happening next week.

I’ll talk with the powers that be in making things a bit clear about the DR system. As it stands we are not going to release official numbers on it, due to it being an anti-exploit system.

However I agree that there needs to be some unified information about it. I’ll talk to folks around here to see if we can’t make a sticky thread here in the dungeon forum describing it a bit.

Fahrar Cub:Yes, start with that and then move on to banning people who have used and abused exploits and take their armors away.

Fahrar Cub:lol CoE mobs hp was ridiculously high. well thats good they change that. CoF lol i have not done that in like 2-3 weeks? i didn’t even like any of the flame armor espescially since everyone and their mother has it. literally.


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