Nba 2K21 release date, version, price, cover, platform, trailer, features, and more rumors and news

After NBA 2k20, the new work Nba 2K21 (this is the 21st in the NBA 2k series) will be released in 2020. This basketball simulation video game released by 2k sports is very popular among players around the world. And have thousands of fans. What do we expect from Nba 2K21? Follow to confirm the release date, version, price, cover, platform, trailer, new features, and more content and details of Nba 2K21 based on previous rumors and rumors.

Nba 2K21 release date-when will Nba 2K21 be released or released?
2k sports has not announced the exact release date of Nba 2K21, but according to previous traditions, the NBA 2k series is always released in September, while the NBA 2k release usually arrives in May or June. The following is a list of the release dates of previous NBA 2k games:
NBA 2k20 released so far-September 11, 2018
NBA 2k19 released so far-September 19, 2017
NBA 2k18 released so far-September 20, 2016
NBA 2k21 announcement released so far-Friday, September 4
There were two NBA 2k20 release dates last year. The pre-order 20th Anniversary Edition can be accessed on September 7, and the NBA 2k20 Standard Edition release date is September 11, 2019. We can expect two more versions this year. The Nba 2K21 announcement may start pre-ordering in May or June shortly after confirmation. Then the official Nba 2K21 will be released in September 2019. The exact Nba 2K21 release date will be here Was updated.

Nba 2K21 version-Are there two versions of Nba 2K21?
Similar to the previous NBA 2k series, we can also expect two different versions of Nba 2K21, a special edition with some additional features and bonuses, and a standard edition to be released later. Normally, the special version of NBA 2k is an early release version provided to customers of scheduled games, and the price should be higher than the standard version. You will have a chance to get Nba 2k21 MT, VC, and more items that come with Nba 2K21 Special Edition.

Nba 2K21 price-how much will Nba 2K21 cost?
The price of Nba 2K21 is related to each version. The standard version of Nba 2K21 starts at $59.99, the retail price of the luxury version is $99.99, and the retail price of the mobile version is $7.99.

Nba 2K21 cover athlete-who will be the Nba 2K21 cover athlete?
Last year, LeBron James was unveiled in the 20th-anniversary edition of NBA 2k20. Giannis Antotokounmpo was the cover star of the North American Standard Edition. Ben Simmons Australia and New Zealand show the cover of the standard edition. Who will be the cover athlete of Nba 2K21? Nba 2K21 has no cover and official information yet, but we are almost certain that James Harden, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Kyrie Irving will not be candidates.

Nba 2K21 platform-which hosts Nba 2K21 will start?
You can expect Nba 2K21 to be available on top platforms including PS5, PS 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo switches. The Nba 2K21 version for mobile platforms such as iPhone and android may also be launched around the release date of the game console, but the effect of the mobile version is different from the game console.

Nba 2K21 Trailer-When will the Nba 2K21 Prelude be released?
Normally, trailers for NBA 2k will be available a few days before the official release date, showing some new features and fresh gameplay. The NBA 2k20 trailer will be available in late August last year, so we predict that the Nba 2K21 trailer will be released at about the same time in late August.

New features in NBA 2K20-game mechanics and changes to rumors or news
-The women’s football of the National Basketball Association can appear in Nba 2K21. The players are indeed part of the game, but they are only characterized by my career, not in WNBA.
-In order to improve the reality and the entire game experience, Nba 2K21 is also expected to carry out a series of new and more realistic celebrations.
-New animation: The button will not be in Nba 2K21.
-2k is studying the tangibility of the ball and making the ball handlers more clear through inverse kinematics.
-The aspherical system needs to be completely redesigned and improved.
-New dunk for Nba 2K21 capped.
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