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Offense Captain In Madden 18 MUT Squads

According to MUT producer Jake Stein in the “sports movement” on the developer blog, MUT Squads is Madden 18’s first function. It allows up to six players to play in three teams. Each team will have an offensive captain, a defensive captain and a coach. So today I will introduce more details about the Offense Captain, it will help you play Madden 18 easier in August.



  • Brings in all players from Offense and Special Teams for that user’s MUT Lineup
  • Brings in the offensive playbook and calls every play on Offense
  • When on Offense, you control the QB at the start of every play
  • However, they are not player-locked to the QB post-snap. If you call a run play and neither of the other two human-controlled players is on the HB, the player controlling the QB will immediately switch and become the ball carrier
  • Controls all audibles and adjustments on Offense
  • When on Defense, the user can control any of the 11 players on the field not controlled by another user
  • There is no locking into only linebackers, defensive line, or secondary

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