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The Black Market Is Focusing On A New Feature Of Albion Online

In recent times, we have always reported again about the great Hector update to Albion Online. Today the Black Market is focusing on a new feature of this update.

The Hector update is the last big update before the official launch of Albion Online. This brings major changes and improvements, including the new black market. Robin Henkys, Game Director, has now made a detailed comment on this feature in a new development video. This can be seen after the message, where you will be informed about the mechanics.

Albion Online Game Director Robin Henkys released a trailer to show some details about the Black Market.

What is the Black Market? The Black Market trader is a new NPC who buys items from players and distributes them on dark channels to the various factions, mobs and chests in the world of Albion. These, in turn, drop these items for the players as soon as they are defeated or found. The Black Market trader is located in Caerleon, the capital of the Royal Continent.

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