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It’s Time To Make Early Preparation For Updates In Albion Online

Albion Online, is set to come to be available on 17th July and development is now well under way. Later, you will be seeing more and more of the new continent as the release date approaches. Now, it is high time for you to buy Albion Online gold cheap on UpAlbion to make early preparation for the big update in Albion Online. There is no doubt that Albion Online players will explore a lot of new things after Albion Online released on July. As usual, Founder items, Gold purchased through the website and referral rewards will be credited back to the players’ accounts.


The game boldly breaks away from several staples long established within the MMO genre, and offers players a new kind of experience. Experience points and character stats do not exist with in the world of Albion, and all characters have the same base stats once they remove their gear (“get naked”), regardless of how long the character has been played. Instead of experience points, characters in Albion acquire fame, and the more fame a character has, the better equipment they can wear. Both stats and abilities are acquired by putting on gear, which has given rise to a unique “you are what you wear” system. This system is incredibly flexible and has resulted in all kinds of imaginative gear combinations. Mages in plates, Claymore wielders in leather armor, and crossbowmen with shields are not at all uncommon in the world of Albion.

Albion Online is, at its core, a PVP game, and is very much about risk vs reward. The world map is broken up into different zones, Green, Yellow, Red and Black, each color signifying the level of PVP allowed within that area. Green zones are completely safe, Yellow has limited PVP, anyone can fight anyone within the Red and Black zones, and any player can loot the gear, items and mounts from anyone they kill within these two zones. While Tier II and III resources are common in the Yellow and Green zones, players will have to risk the Red and Black zones if they want to find Tier V and VI resources. Higher tier resources may be more plentiful in Black, but you put your haul at serious risk, as any passing player can attempt to kill you and take all your resources and gear.

As the last major content update before the official launch, “Galahad” is set to once again wow players with new features. Not only will the PVE system be overhauled completely to give players an even more exciting experience while battling in the world of Albion. The update also adds a total of six new biome cities, each with their own unique look and feel. As the central hub for everyday social and economic interaction in Albion Online, cities are a crucial part of the world. Swamp City, Forest City, Highland City, Mountain City, Steppe City and Central City will make Albion that much more vibrant.

Albion Online will be available on July 17, 2017, and you will encounter a lot of new challenging in the new continent. It is wise for you to prepare enough Albion Online gold ahead to ensure you can make the most of the Galahad. UpAlbion have plenty of Albion Online gold for sale. The good news is that you can enjoy 5% Offers on UpAlbion soon, so make sure to size the opportunity to buy cheapest Albion Online gold on our site.

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