How to enter the Falador Park in Runescape 2007

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The Falador Park is a large, fenced-in park found in Falador. It is the entrance to the lair of the Giant Mole , and is a key location in the members quest Wanted! The park once was a popular location for drop parties and as a trade area. Before the release of the Grand Exchange, Falador Park was the main trading area in world 2.
Falador Park has a tree farming patch for oak, willow, maple, yew, and magic trees. Like all patches, it contains a tool leprechaun, along with the hireable gardener, Heskel. Just east of the farming spot, the Garden supplier can be found. She sells bagged plants, which can be planted in a Garden or Formal Garden, in a Player-owned house. The player can trade the claws and skins with Wyson the Gardener for birds’ nests, which can be sold for quite a lot of rs gold.

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