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Market research company name Riot Games top medium-sized American workplace

Market research firm named a good place to work League of Legends developer Riot Games midsize third-best place to work in the United States. Riot Games, according to Santa Monica, California, is the only medium-sized game developer named list.

“We are eager to work legally in Riot Games a good place, it is recognized for our efforts to create a culture where thugs can thrive, feels great,” the company said in a statement.

This is the first year, Riot Games application selection list. Randomly selected employees were sent to investigate the lives of Riot Games, questionnaires, understand the company’s culture and programs.

“Players first, drive all business decisions, rather than purely profitability,” said a mob. “The real management practices is to say, is to do so. Senior management to create a good working environment, state of mind is not binding on everyone is equal.”

Reported that, although the mob set your own hours, which does not encourage cultural slack. 78% of employees said they are encouraged to balance work and personal life, though long working hours. Here to supply buy Cheap FFXIV Gil,FFXIV Power leveling To help balance, Riot Games for those who work late meal delivery service, and found that “many ways” involving partners in the workplace and at home.

On remuneration, 63% of the mob said they feel they get a “fair share” organization of the profits, while 79 percent of respondents said they feel the work they do, they pay pretty. Overall, 98% of the rioters said they agree with the company as a “great place to work.”

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