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If you decide you want to reset your traits in Guild Wars 2

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If you decide you want to reset your traits you can do so at any time, but there will be a fee associated with doing so outside of structured PvP. In sPvP you can reset your traits directly in the trait window by clicking on the Refund Traits button. Please note that this can only be done between matches while in the Mists.

To refund your traits in PvE or WvW, you can do so in the following ways:Purchasing and using a trait manual;Paying a trainer 71 copper per point refunded.The amount listed above reflects the cost per point refunded during the beta, and is subject to change in the live game.

We will be updating this guide to reflect any changes once exact costs can be confirmed in the live game during the headstart weekend!You’ll also want to take note of the fact that your sPvP builds are stored separately from your normal PvE build. As such, resetting points in one game type will not directly impact the other.

This can be extremely useful since it allows you to “try before you buy” by traveling to the Mists, spend or reset trait points, and test the results on the static and AI controlled practice targets.To learn more about the specific trait lines for each profession, be sure to visit our Profession Guides portal for links to each of our core and advanced profession guides.

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