Guild Wars 2

In the short history of Guild Wars 2

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In the short history of Guild Wars 2 we have all been part of three monthly events: Shadow of the Mad King, Lost Shores, and Wintersday. I would say with few exceptions they have all been fantastic additions to the game. Nearly all of the content has been temporary, with the exception of a new world map in Southsun Cove and some sprinkling of jumping puzzles and mini dungeons.

There’s been a great deal of evolution in these projects. In some of my talks with ArenaNet it is clear that the same team is not working on each event. The team that did Halloween is different than the team that did Lost Shores. Halloween was honestly fantastic. It had not glaring weakness and the one time content was purely for fun. The one time pvp content was interesting, if shallow, and despite some frustrations with the clocktower I absolutely loved that content to death.

Being frank, the worst of the three events was the Lost Shores. I’m not sure if the lack of a holiday to theme the event around hurt the creation process, but it was very clear the Lost Shores event was half baked. The surrounding content and scavenger hunt was plagued with weird design. The finale was a complete cluster of player frustration with poor event design. I think we can all conclude that good event design is harder than good quest design. The real issue here was there were big rewards at stake for being there, and being there was a pain. We can all hope they don’t return to this model in the future.

Wintersday has been the first time I think some of their past lessons have set in for the live team. Everything has been leisurely paced with plenty of time at the end of the event to redo any and all of the content. This event has drug on a bit with no real reason for Tixx to still be there, but I’m glad he is. The Holidays are notoriously hard for people to get to their computer, and making sure everyone of the game’s players have time to get to all the event was a great design choice, and one I personally appreciated with my own travel plans.

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