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The ability to dodge during combat of Guild Wars 2

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The ability to dodge during combat is a deceptively simple mechanic, but one that can be critical to your survival and overall effectiveness in combat. In this guide we walk you through the basics of dodging, and provide details on the supporting boon, Vigor.

Early on in PvE you will be prompted with an on-screen tip that helps introduce you to your ability to dodge and the default key mapping to do so. You can initiate a dodge roll by double-tapping any of the directional movement keys (WASD) to dodge in that direction, or by pressing the [V] key. The main benefit for doing so is that you will be temporarily invulnerable to attacks, so will not take any damage regardless of what skills an enemy uses against you.

This can really save your proverbial bacon in many situations as it allows you to avoid larger direct damage attacks, crowd control effects, or can even help you quickly move out of the radius of an area-of-effect (AoE) attack. A perfect example of the latter would be the massive damage dealt by the trebuchets in the Battle of Kyhlo structured PvP (sPvP) map.

Before we get too far into any advanced usage situations or concepts, let’s take a closer look at the nuts and bolts of how the system works.To learn more about Vigor be sure to check out our Complete Boons Guide. You can also view a complete list of skills and traits for each profession that grant Vigor below.As you can see above, necromancer is the only profession that does not have any skills or traits that grant Vigor, at least not directly.

They can still randomly gain Vigor through the utility skill Well of Power which transforms negative conditions into boons every two seconds. Through Well of Power, Bleeding (a very common condition) will be transformed into Vigor, so necro builds do still have the ability to grant Vigor, albeit not in a direct fashion.Have any questions on dodging or vigor? Let us know in the comments!

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