Guild Wars 2

You will need to avoid these at all costs in Guild Wars 2

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Probably the most difficult part of the jumping puzzle is the present staircase. After leaving the last peppermint disc, you’ll be faced with a wall of presents. The presents will explode after a period of time forcing you to take an alternative route.  I found moving in a diagonal to the right of the presents, before moving forward was the most effective, though several of my friends take the same method but to the left.

After jumping past the presents and navigating down the large candy cane, there will be a series of snowball’s rolling down the hill.You’ll need to avoid these at all costs or it’s highly likely you will be unable to complete the jumping puzzle you’ll die from Frostbite. Luckily the snowballs are slow moving and peppermint discs are protruding from the walkway for you to step on and avoid them.

Simply turn right after you exit the candy cane and follow the path upwards, using the peppermint discs along the way until you can walk past the snowballs.The only thing to be careful of is the AoE frost attacks which fall from the sky.If you’re hit by it, your character will be chilled which makes avoiding the snowballs very difficult. Once you’ve weaved your way past the Snowballs, you’ll see on your right hand side a series of floating presents.

All you need to do now is stick to the blue ones and you’ll easily jump your way across and into the final present.Wintersday Cheermeister: This achievement is automatically awarded when you complete the jumping puzzle across any of the three paths. It also provides 10 achievement points and contributes towards the Apprentice Toymaker.

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