Guild Wars 2

Haha I like the way a lot of hate for Trahearne

Haha I like the way a lot of hate for Trahearne. I agree with most things but even the Sylvria story with him start to look stupid. It all get like that when you get to the point before the battle of claw Island. I was like really why are you beheaving like we never met at all. Then I site down and thought about it. This was because this part of the storyline was design for those who are not Sylvria. The same thing happen to the mother tree too and was like, really how come the mother tree do not recognise me one of her daughters. All I can say is there was, a mistake from when you first meet him for the claw island business, or it could just be bad write. Apart from that his a cool guy.

Rather then uprooting him, and changing the personal storyline dramatically, add another part where we learn a lot more about him, we make him our friend and confidant and him us, and allow us to like him a lot more then people obviously do. Make him personable and a leader that was truely thrust into the position and does an outstanding job with it.. don’t just add a character we barely know to be the leader of the free races, without a background and have us blindly follow the guy through thick or thin.. make us love him, make us respect him. Guild Wars 2 Gold. Thats what should be done, that way when we see him take up the mantle of responsibility we see exactly the internal choices he makes and respect him all the more for making it and being thrust into it.

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