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My favorite aspect of the game thus far has been the personal story

I was about to post about this today until I saw this thread. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that feels this way and in total agreement with OP.

Last night I finally got to the stage where I now need to do the last mission Victory or Death. It really disappointed me to find out I was going to need a group to finish my personal story. Cheap GW2 Gold. After having done every mission up until this point solo; after overcoming the difficulties of some of the story imbalance in missions and lots of deaths; after going to Orr and racking up repair bills trying to make it to my story instances; and after doing the long battle with the eye – I totally assumed they would keep the pattern and I would end up in an epic single story mission battle involving me and the NPC’s that have fought (and died) with me along the way in a final confrontation against Zhaitan.


My favorite aspect of the game thus far has been the personal story; it’s what I have focused on for the most part and has been my overall goal along with getting map complete. I’m a medium to casual gamer (maybe 2-3 hours each night) and the primary reason I liked doing the personal story is that I felt it was one of the few things I could actually complete in this game without having to rely on tons of grinding or being dependant others to finish. I thought it was something I could take my own time with since it was a “personal story”. GW2 Gold. I actually like listening to the NPC’s and click on some of them between dialog cut-scenes just to see what they have to say and get into the story. I looked forward to trying the story on different alts after this one as well to see what the possibilities were with different factions and paths.

The fact that the last mission is in Arah, a place that needs a specific chain of events to unlock and basically a zerg and thus requiring me to be on at just the right time when the door is open for a few moments to access – is not the biggest letdown (though that in and of itself will likely lock out the truly casual gamers who may not have that kind of luck or time to finish their personal story). No, as the OP said the main issue is that even if I managed to get to the door and it happens to be unlocked then I need to immediately get a group to proceed since the final mission is a DUNGEON.

I have to ask the Anet team – why? Not only does it break the immersion, but it also means my success is not based on my personal ability or choices, but on how I perform in a group setting with other players who may have different play styles, story history, and egos. It’s not personal anymore. It’s not about me or the NPC’s anymore. It’s a PUG. And that means dealing with the PUG mentality. The last thing I want to do is sit in front of the Arah gates when I have time to play and spam “Can someone please group with me so I can complete my story mission? Please?” and have to say stuff like “What? Um no I haven’t studied the boss fights online, I like to discover things.”, and hear “LTP ur class newb!” from kids too young to have actually played with an Atari or know why “Go for the eyes Boo!” is funny.

After the focus that I’ve put into my personal story thus far I feel cheated I can’t cross the finish line on my own. Yes, it’s my fault for assuming the final mission would continue to be a soloable process. Guildwars 2 Gold. But how could I assume otherwise since every required mission thus far has been that way? If you wanted to make the final part of the personal story challenging and hard to complete I can completely understand that. I would be fine with dying a dozen times trying to finish the final battle with just me and the NPC’s. Even if it was only by luck or chance I would be ok so long as it was through my doing and my actions and thus my failure or my success alone. But giving no other option to finish my story other than finding a PUG? Sorry, I just don’t get that. It’s like scaling a tall mountain all by yourself only to get right near the top and find a sign that says “Sorry but you can’t climb any further. Please throw away you’re climbing tools and wait here until four other climbers arrive, then use that funky helicopter over there that requires five people to control, and fly yourselves to the top together. PS – it might be a good idea if you all know how to fly helicopters.”

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