Guild Wars 2

The boom of the Korean game

“We want to learn from South Korea’s gaming culture.”
Germany set off a boom of the Korean Buy Cheap GW2 Gold game “. Local sources said that the South Korean-made games far more than the extent of the “popular”, some play even started learning the Korean game culture. On the 15th, the 2012 Cologne Game Show “opened in Cologne, Germany, Germany, invited South Korea to participate to the identity of the co-sponsors.

Maximilian shank, on behalf of the Germany Games Software Association, in an interview with reporters the day that: “The success of the Korean game of ‘victory’ of the game industry and its ‘Guild Wars 2 power leveling games culture’ is impressive.” Sports has brought us pleasure, Now the game can also be. Together with his friends can go to a PC to play games, professional game player can even become advertising stars. These are enviable.

Cologne, Game Show, “E3”, Japan’s “Tokyo Game Show,” known as the world’s three major game show. More than 40 countries, more than 600 companies participated in the event this year. However, one of the most prominent South Korean Guild Wars 2 power leveling game. At the exhibition, South Korea, one of the best two game company NEXON and NCSOFT each in a separate exhibition space exhibitions.

The NEXON show “shadow companies” and “big naval battle” two new works. “Shadow companies” fighting between mercenary, while large naval battle “is a 3D real-time strategy game. Andreas came to the exhibition praised, said: “It has excellent graphics and sound technology, and add a lot of heart technology, very interesting.”

NCsoft “an oasis of calm” as the theme, artificial waterfall in the booth. The original decision to show in Europe and North America GW2 Gold to the exhibition shows, the” battle “of the local fans for this long queues waiting.

Small and medium-sized game companies have set up the Korean common hall “to the world to promote Korean game. A German game industry buyers came to Korea to the Cheap GW2 Gold common hall, said: “We are closely watching the Korean Game ‘to enter the market strategy’, is also very optimistic about its high-end technology.”

Korea Culture Promotion the dean Hong Shangbiao on behalf of the Republic of Korea to attend the exhibition, he said, “South Korea was selected as co-sponsors of the Cologne exhibition, indicating that Cheap GW2 Gold games accounted for one-fifth of the world market is gradually being recognized around the world.”

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