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Can according to individual be fond of Cheap GW2 Gold to make a choice among these three properties, adjustment

I PVP is using a full set of Rabid, crit, this ability can now trigger can strengthen the direct injury bleeding, overall than Carrion full damage, but the PVE is using a Carrion mix Rabid, used to wear all Knight stress experienced by the monster WeiOu, wiki has also added Armor value will affect the hatred, and so in PVE suggest adjust Armor in 2200 ~ 2600, this figure with the Armor of heavy Armor position as close to, the former defender exchange, share more easily hurt, also can suppress hate values more comfortable near with bombs, double gun to fold combustion with confusion.

Rampager (Pow/Pri/Con)

Advantage: the highest total damage without injury, high crit rate easy to trigger special effects.Although there are three grenades at a time, need not special high can also trigger many special effects.Faults: lack of basic hardness and thickness, symptoms effect is less easy to his teammates over,Could easily fold layer took 25 big sword fight crit bleeding will drown you, take a set of equipment as needed.

Carrion (Pow/Vit/Con)

Advantages: harm is balanced, has a protective cover thickness, lower general hatred.
Faults: lack of critical strike rate cannot trigger bleeding, 30% 30% sunder armor, but the impact is not big.But I think the biggest impact of the 50% will not be able to trigger scurrying trigger vigor at the same time

Rabid (Pre/Tough/Con)

Advantage: a basic hardness and critical strike rate, excellent in terms of symptoms to hurt the most.Faults: lack of direct injury playing slower construction, high armor sometimes easier to attract monsters.Additional powder is a kind of unnamed, Pre/Tough/Vit/Con four attributes mixing equipment.

Guild wars 2 chief designer Isaiah Cartwright recently accepted the American magazine Forbes telephone Cartwright in game currency system reform with Guild wars 2 Gold and the development of small and medium-sized conference on issues such as, do a detailed interpretation and outlook. Guild wars 2 since the past for a period of time and redo the reward system achievement system and daily system and added new crown scrip.

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