Guild Wars 2

There are many things for you to experience in-game

What’s amazing is that this rundown from A to Z doesn’t even list out every advancement option or method, but it should still give you an idea of just how many things there are for you to experience in-game.


The most important part of character advancement in GW2? You. That’s right: since just about every activity in-game contributes to character advancement in some way, it’s really up to you to decide what activities you enjoy the most rather than being forced down a liner progression path, or to participate in activities you don’t particularly enjoy.

Skill Challenges

Outside of normal leveling, skill challenges will be the primary method for obtaining skill points to spend on unlocking new healing, utility, and elite skills. Just like renown hearts, completing skill challenges will also contribute towards your overall map completion, and you can even use skill points as an additional form of currency to assist in creating Legendary weapons and armor in the Mystic Forge.

Map Completion

Each zone or map in GW2 has a number of activities you can complete, each providing some XP along the way. Completing all of the objectives on a given map will also reward you with a nice boost to XP and some additional rewards such as items to use in the Mystic Forge, or even consumable items that will help boost your XP gain for a brief period.

Personal Story

Your character’s personal story works on a number of different levels. Not only does it help give your character a meaningful place in the world, but will also provide some excellent rewards to help you advance your character. Not only that, but if you follow your personal story at the intended level, it can help point you in the direction of areas on the map where there is more content appropriate for your current level.

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