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Three notices we should pay attention

In Guild Wars 2, Jumping Puzzle is sought after by a great deal of fans, which including of me. As for this Winterfest Jumping Puzzle, a great number of sugar-looking jumping stands and gift boxes will appear in our front. All of these will lead us prepare for the merry Christmas day. Are you ready? Let’s star our journey now! Enjoy this picture and warm your heart at first.

Three notices we should pay attention to: First of all, we should jump across the gift-box-stands sector without any delay, or we’ll be defeated as the box explosive. Secondly, we should dodge the snowball in advance. The sugar-looking stand beside the single road is the shelter we give away to the snowball, or we’ll be squashed. Last and the most common one point, we should be qualified with good jumping and balance skill. Now, let’s start our journey to the wonderful Tyria!

Someone says that Guild Wars 2 should be supported because there is flooded with evil and bloodthirsty in the real world and other online games, while Guild Wars 2 always publish this and that interesting and enjoyable events to celebrate festivals. Moreover, the vents ArenaNet always full of joy and happiness, such as the Wintersday. All places Tixx goes will change to be appearance close related to festival-theme. Today, I will lead you to take experience with this article and illustrated pictures, and hope you have a nice trip.

Snowflakes fall down from the heaven, but I don’t feel cold. I like the bright color in the winter. I like those snowflake-looking jumping stands, and those delicacy-looking stands. I like the filled-with-love Tyria world. I’m deeply proud of my status as a Tyria citizen. Just as the previous tasks, there are some puzzles test other challengers and me, for example, the gift boxes will be falling after we stand their surface for two seconds or so, and there are huge snowballs roll down along the single path.

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